Sure, you may have seen horses at someone's house if they own a farm or hired a professional company to give pony rides at their kid's birthday party, but seeing a bunch of them just nonchalantly mosey across your driveway is a different sight entirely.

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That's exactly what people experienced up in Gloucester County this week when a group of horses was spotted wandering around a random development in Washington Township.

Washington Township police officers were dispatched in Gloucester County earlier this week to gather a string of horses wandering around people's yards on Greenleigh Drive after they managed to break free from their barn located on Hurffville Grenloch Road.

Once police arrived on the scene, they were able to capture a couple of snapshots of the horses having a grand ole time just aimlessly enjoying themselves along with the pristinely managed lawns within Wedgewood Greens.

All is well that ends well, I suppose, since the horses were able to be rounded up and transported back onto their own land. No doubt, their owners are extremely grateful to all the officers who responded to the call. Talk about a break from the norm for these officers, right?

That incident alone is proof enough that there's never a dull moment in South Jersey.

Source: Facebook

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