2020 has been such a hard and difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So many people, including myself, are looking forward to the festive holiday season.

We'll have to do without one popular holiday tradition this year as there will be no winter concerts from Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

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The full 2020 Winter Tour has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic according to Forbes.com and the band's Facebook Page.

The 2019 Winter tour for TSO was a record breaker for the band with ticket sales according to Billboard.com Over 700,000 tickets were sold and the winter tour grossed over $46 million dollars. After 19 straight  years of touring, Trans-Siberian Orchestra will have the 2020 holiday season off.

Going to see the TSO show was a holiday tradition for my family. We'd all make the trip to the show in Philly.The show would always put us in the holiday mood especially when snow would start to fall during one of their songs. The light and laser show were truly an amazing experience.

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