There's been much talk about the upcoming Taylor Swift tour.  People have waited hours for a chance to purchase very expensive tickets and then were let down as the tour sold out.

Taylor Swift is good.  Very good.  But there's a concert coming to Philly that will blow you away, and it won't cost an arm and a leg.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming to Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, December 18th for two shows at 3:00 and 7:30. If you've never seen TSO, as their fans refer to them, you're missing one of the most electric concerts you'll ever see.

First, their name is deceiving.  It's always fun after the concert seeing the expressions on the faces of first-time attendees who were expecting a night of holiday tunes presented by an orchestra.  Priceless.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a high-energy rock opera consisting of all the elements of the best rock concerts.  Loud guitar riffs, thumping drums, melodic keyboards, and an electric violin (you've never seen a violin played like this!) Add incredibly strong female vocalists in addition to the male vocals and that would be enough for a great performance, but that's just the beginning.

The stage show rivals such bands as Queen and KISS for outrageousness.  Between the lighting, pyrotechnics, and video imaging projected on the massive screens that back the stage, it's non-stop action.  Did we mention the snow that falls over the audience?

If you've been considering taking your kids to a concert, this would be the perfect opportunity.  As outrageous as the presentation gets, it's family-friendly.  It's also worth noting there's not a bad seat in the house.

One last thing, Trans-Siberian Orchestra donates a dollar from every ticket sold, to a local charity at every stop of their tour.  They do this to honor their founder, the late Paul O'Neill.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

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