Halloween will have quite a different feel this year amid the lingering concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of writing this article, there is no official mandate on the cancellation of trick-or-treating in New Jersey, in fact, trick or treating is still a go this Halloween, according to Governor Murphy and the NY Post.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their guidelines for the remainder of 2020, including Halloween and the upcoming holiday season.

According to a report from the Press of Atlantic City, the CDC is recommending putting trick-or-treating and costume parties on hold so as not to further spread the coronavirus.

Going to a crowded costume party this year might not make a lot of sense anyway. However, nixing trick-or-treating is where things get a little tricky for me. I know how I use to count down the days to Halloween when I was a kid, and so did my boys when they were young.

Having to make the call to not allow your child to go trick-or-treating is a difficult one for sure. But honestly, what's been easy about this year so far?

Check back for more updates concerning trick-or-treating this year, especially as we get closer to the big day.

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