Right now the Christmas tree in your home is the focal point of the holiday season, but, in a week or so, Christmas will be over, the tree will be dropping its needles and you will be ready to get rid of it.

This year, don't put the Christmas tree out with the trash. Donate it!

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Each year, the Cape May Zoo puts out an appeal for donations of 'used' Christmas trees, after you are finished with them. Many animals enjoy eating or playing with pine trees.

Lions are especially fond of the old Christmas trees, using the trees as big scratching posts. It gives them something to smell, rip apart, rub on, play with, drag around—just something to enrich their day.

A Facebook post from the Cape May Zoo says the trees are perfect for some animals. "Not only do they love the smell of the tree, this enrichment brings out natural behaviors like carrying and tearing!"

There are some rules to know before you donate your tree to the Cape May Zoo.

The zoo accepts Christmas trees for a couple weeks after Christmas, depending on how many we get donated. Trees should not be sprayed with anything and all decorations must be removed before donating to ensure the safety of the animals. Trees can be dropped off daily during Park hours, 7am - dusk. Look for the coned area in the front parking lot (first right when you enter the park).


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