The last place you would expect to see a cancer survivor is on the runway at at a show during New York Fashion Week, but that is exactly where New Jersey resident and stage 4 cancer patient Roseanne Gianalella found herself dancing and modeling a few weeks ago.

One of eleven cancer patients from across the country, "Resilient Rosie" as she calls herself, represented  the non-profit group "Say YES to HOPE" at SM Global Catwalk to show that a disease that once carried a certain death sentence now has resources, options, and support. Samina Mughal, President and CEO of SMGlobal Catwalk states, “The “Surviving in Fashion” showcase is a heartwarming tribute to cancer patients and a wonderful way to witness where fashion and philanthropy meet.”

Every part of my life changed since I was diagnosed with cancer the second time,” says Rosanne. “I am definitely stronger, wiser and extremely grateful to modeling on the runway!” says Resilient Rosie as she refers to herself.

About YES!

YES! is a non-profit organization that was created to provide information, resources, and support for anyone that is affected by advanced cancer. For more information visit or call the Survivor Line at 877-937-7478.

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