There's counterfeit money, and then there is 'movie money'. Movie money is -- you guessed it -- money used in the making of movies. It has the phrase “For Motion Picture Use Only" imprinted across the front of it in large type.

New Jersey Man Tries Passing Off Movie Money at Wawa

South Brunswick, NJ Police have arrested James Leonard, 41, of South Brunswick,  for using the really fake money at his local Wawa.

Police say Leonard got away with the harebrained scheme several times since September, passing off $600 worth of phony $50 and $100 movie bills before he was finally busted.

What Is Movie Money?

Movie money or prop money is fake currency that looks and feels like real money on camera. Prop money stacks are made for filmmakers, artists, and project coordinators as a replacement for real cash in movies, music videos, and such.

Does Movie Money Look Like the Real Thing?

It might on camera from a distance, but it's hard to believe someone could actually be fooled by it in real life. Even in movies, when filmmakers are doing a close-up with the prop money, they put real bills on top of the prop money stacks.

Where Did This Guy Get the Movie Money?

Movie money can be ordered online or from any movie prop shop, or, maybe this guy is an actor when he's not passing off the phoniest currency ever.

Did It Fool the Wawa Cashier?

Amazingly, it did. Police say Leonard used the bills when the Wawa was busy and the clerks didn't have time to scrutinize the bills carefully -- or, at all, from the sounds of it.

After the store learned that Leonard was allegedly passing fake money, his photo was posted in the Wawa, officials said. He was charged with theft by deception and released after being issued a summons. A real summons.

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