A bomb scare in Stafford Township Sunday morning prompted the closure of the Rt. 72 east Causeway Bridge in both directions for about two hours.

The Stafford Township Police Department says they received a call for a suspicious bag under the Rt. 72 east Causeway Bridge, near Morris Boulevard. Out of an abundance of caution, the bridge was closed in both directions.

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In a Facebook post, Stafford Township Police said that with the assistance of the New Jersey State Police, the bag was deemed safe, and non-threatening. Afterward, the bridge traffic was reopened in both directions.

Reports Sunday said the traffic was backed up all the way down the 72 Causeway to the Garden State Parkway ramps heading towards Long Beach Island.

Traffic off the island was also at a standstill on a beautiful and busy Sunday morning when hundreds of people were trying to enter Long Beach Island for a day at the beach or trying to leave the island after being on LBI for the weekend.

Most people impacted by the bridge closing who posted on social media were thankful to the police for doing their job and keeping the public safe by taking the necessary precautions, despite the inconvenience.

The Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge, locally known as the Causeway, spans Manahawkin Bay, carrying traffic along Route 72 between Long Beach Island and the Manahawkin section of Stafford Township. The bridge is the only way to access Long Beach Island in a vehicle.

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