You have the rare chance to see a movie the way people did in the 1920s when the HORC at Jim Whalen Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City presents the silent film Girl Shy on Feb 7th.

Watch a Silent Film Accompanied By a Live Organ

The HORC -- the Historic Organ Restoration Committee  -- is presenting the first silent film of their 2024 series on Wed. Feb 7th.

The movie Girl Shy, a 1924 romantic comedy starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston, will be shown with accompaniment by organist Ian Fraser playing the 1930 W. W. Kimble pipe organ in the Adrian Phillips Theater.

The Restoration of Boardwalk Hall's Pipe Organs

The HORC is working to fully restore the two pipe organs inside Boardwalk Hall. The instruments are irreplaceable national treasures. The large organ in the main auditorium is the world’s largest musical instrument, and the smaller instrument in the Adrian Phillips Theater is uniquely suited to the interpretation of the silent film.

What's So Special About the Organ in the Adrian Phillips Theater?

Simply everything. According to the experts at Boardwalk Hall, The W.W. Kimball organ in the Adrian Phillips Theater is one of the largest original installations left in the nation.

It was designed with the accompaniment of motion pictures in mind (all films before 1927 were silent), it is especially good at creating the illusion of a full symphony orchestra as well as producing an incredible array of unique sound effects such as birds, trains, sirens, and gongs.

All of these sounds are produced by compressed air acting upon organ pipes and orchestral instruments hidden behind the walls of the main stage. There are no electric amplifiers or speakers included.

Ticket Information for This Silent Film Screening

The showing is at 7 pm on Wed, February 7. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or may be purchased in person at the box office at Boardwalk Hall 11:00 PM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. For assistance, please call Scott Banks at 609-402-9584 ext. 700.

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