So how’s that resolution going so far? Still sticking with it? New Years resolutions are so often overplayed with repetitive slogans of "losing weight" or "living better" and everyone's favorite "new year, new me." These broad stroke goals are so often generalized without necessary planning and goal setting. We basically  set ourselves up for failure. So how can we really make it happen this year—and make the changes stick? While we are always taught to aim big, sometimes the best strategy is to think small—and get personal. Go for your goals in bite size pieces and make sure you are doing it for yourself an no one else. We have 8 totally do-able mini resolution tips that can help you transform your resolution into reality.

  • 1

    Measure Your Food

    You might have portion distortion and eating a lot more than you think. Measuring helps you get an idea of what a serving size should look like.  Once you figure that out, you can lose the measuring cup.

  • 2

    Hide The Snacks

    If you have snacks or treats our on your counter, it is hard to avoid them.  According to a Cornell University study,  women who store snack foods on their countertops were, on average, 20 pounds heavier than those no snacks on the counter.  Better than hiding them, don't buy them to begin with.

  • 3

    Eat Your Veggies

    Just like mom always said, we should eat our veggies. Include non-starchy vegetables with every meal.  They are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients.  Make sure your kitchen is always stocked with fresh pre-cut, frozen steam-in-bag, and canned, low-sodium veggies Instead of restricting your intake of food, this is a great way to add to your diet. 
  • 4

    Drink More H20

    Start your morning with a full glass of water and aim to drink about 20 ounces every three hours throughout the day.  Set a timer on your cell phone to remind you. It will help you stay hydrated and keep you fuller so you won't be tempted to overeat.

  • 5

    Sit Up Straight

    Most American office workers  sit in a slouched position for seven to eight hours a day. That puts a lot of strain on our neck and back. Pull back your shoulders, and pull in your belly button. Make sure your computer is at eye level and that both feet are on the floor with your knees at 90 degrees.

  • 6

    No Nightime Nibbling

    Our metabolism begins to slow in the evening as our body prepares for rest.  That is why we should stop eating about three hours before bedtime. If you struggle with evening eating, ask yourself why you are eating. Are you hungry, bored, stressed.  Once you pinpoint the reason, look for other alternatives to help you deal with these issues.
  • 7

    Take Care of Those Pearly Whites

    The health of our gums and mouth is closely linked to the health of our body. Brush three times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss every night to cut down on gum disease and inflammation.
  • 8

    Get Your ZZZ's

    Sleep is so important to the overall quality of our health and lives.  Make sleep a priority by avoiding your cell phone or tablet an hour before bed. The blue light from these devices tells your brain to stay awake.  Keep your room dark and comfortable and set an alarm every evening to remind yourself that it is bedtime.

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