What is Your Go-To Place in South Jersey for the Freshest Fish?

I asked this question one morning on the radio show and put the question to listeners on social media as well. Not surprisingly, people have some very definite ideas about where 1729to get the freshest fish.

Where Are These Fish Shops?

The shops suggested by listeners are from all over southeastern New Jersey.  In the photo gallery of fresh fish shops below, we will concentrate on the fish shops in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and lower Ocean counties. Most are open year-round, a few are seasonal only.

What Kinds of Fish Do these Shops Sell?

Many of the shops sell a wide variety of fish, some of them specialize in shellfish or, in a couple of cases, only local clams.

Do the Fish Shops Also Cook the Fish?

Some do and others do not.

A few of the suggestions are for South Jersey fish businesses best known as restaurants, such as the Lobster House in Cape May.

But, in addition to offering prepared fish dinners, all of these stores sell raw, uncooked seafood to go, mostly in dedicated fish shops that are part of their business.

All this fresh fish talk is making me hungry!

Let's take a look at a photo gallery of the best places in South Jersey to get the fastest seafood, according to our listeners.

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