If you find yourself single this Valentine's Day, you can still have fun at these NJ spots.

For many, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate your love for your partner.  However, if you don't have one, it can leave you feeling left out.  Seeing all of your friends post bouquets of flowers and snaps from romantic dinners can get annoying really quickly.

Sure, you could spend Valentine's Day on your couch doing nothing.  But, who says you can't have your own fun?  And New Jersey is the place to do it.  In fact, according to Wallet Hub, 27% of singles will celebrate Valentine's Day, whether or not they have a date.  Love that!

Plus, being single isn't all that bad.  It actually can be empowering.  You're in charge of your own plans.  You don't have to worry about waiting for someone else to get ready.  You can come and go as you please to any plans you've made.

And speaking of making plans...

The Garden State is known for its lively bar and club scene.  We've got awesome DJs who keep the party going, delicious food and drinks, and a solid crowd looking to have a good time.  And yes, while it does create some annoying stereotypes, it also comes in handy during times like these.

So, if you're looking to dance your single heart out, do a fun activity, or just have some tasty food and drinks this Valentine's Day, here are the best New Jersey places to do so.  And, PS: you never know what other singles you could meet!

The Best NJ Spots For Singles to Spend Valentine's Day

If you find yourself single this Valentine's Day, you can still have fun at these NJ spots.

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