Fall foliage is in full swing here in New Jersey.  Now is the time to get out and take in all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

Talk about the great things to see here in our state, and invariably, the Jersey Shore is typically near the top of everyone's list.  That's no surprise, and we have good reason to be proud of that part of our state.

But there's another part of the state that we hear less about, despite the incredible beauty it has to offer.

I'm talking about the Northwest part of the state.  It offers lush forestry that shines bright colors, great hiking trails, and more.

These days, our phones have cameras capable of taking breathtaking pictures of the world around us.  Make a day of it, and you'll come away with some awesome pics.

One of those destinations is Branchville in Sussex County.  It's about 150 miles north on the Parkway.  It's a small town, borough actually, that boasts some of the best scenic views in the state.

Take a hike along the Culver Fire Tower Trail Loop.  This is a 4.7 mile trail that includes the fire tower, which when open, you may enter for the view of a lifetime.  Even without the tower, you'll see our state like never before.

Another destination for a day trip to enjoy nature is Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area in Morris County.  Go early and explore some great trails located within the area.

This time of year is not only great for fall foliage, but you'll get to see some magnificent wildlife.  Watch for hawks as their fall migration has begun.  Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch Trail gets high grades on the site Alltrails.com from those who like a moderate challenge.  You can even bring your dog along for the trip.

Take The Culver Fire Tower Hike In Branchville, NJ (onlyinyourstate.com)

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