The fall season is almost here. Soon, there will be a chill in the air, the sun is setting sooner, acorns are starting to drop, and pumpkin spice coffee is everywhere.

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The changing of the leaves and the official start to the Fall Foliage will be here before you know it. I just love watching the leaves change on my daily commute on the Garden State Parkway.

We may be in for a real treat this year's fall foliage as AccuWeather is predicting the colors of fall will be even more vibrant for  South Jersey in 2021. The Garden State will also enjoy the brilliant colors of the fall season. Some parts of Northern New Jersey may not be as strong as usual, thanks to the heavy rain from Hurricane Ida

The timing of when the leaves actually start to change is impacted by the weather leading up to the start of fall. Last year the trees became stressed thanks to a couple of extended periods of dry weather, which caused leaves to drop early and impacted the brightness of the fall colors.

Thanks to relatively mild weather, the magnificent colors of fall will be on full display in South Jersey. The timing for fall foliage may come a little later this year.

My least favorite part of the fall season is picking up the darn leaves after they fall all over the place, including the gutters. I always wait until the last minute to rake them or when it's pouring rain to remove them from the gutters. I know I'm in trouble when my wife starts to rake without me. I know I better get my butt out there and help her or else!

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