Duke and Daisy, the osprey couple mating in a nest in Barnegat Light since 2018, reunited on Easter Sunday and got right down to business.

Now we will wait and see if they are successful in having babies.

Duke & Daisy Reunite & Reclaim Their Nest

Duke the osprey returned to the nest in a secluded cove on Barnegat Bay where his mate for several years, Daisy, was waiting for him at 4:23 pm Sunday.

This is the seventh year that Duke has returned to Barnegat Light to nest at this location along the bay. Osprey watchers have been following this ritual and anticipating Duke's arrival.

Duke is 18 now. This is known because he was banded as a nestling in 2006.

Ospreys are usually monogamous. Pairs repeatedly return to the same nest site, and often remain together for many years, sometimes for life.

Duke & Daisy Mating Caught on Live Stream. What's Next?

According to the Osprey Cam Facebook page, Duke caught a fish shortly after arriving and gave it to Daisy without hesitation.

This is how he strengthens their pair bond. He will provide food for her during the entire nesting season until their young get so big that Daisy has to help supplement their diet by catching larger fish to help them develop.

By 1:30 pm Monday, the couple were seen mating in the nest. Twice...just to be sure.

Ospreys usually have 3 eggs: the first will be laid about 12 days after mating, the second 15 days, and the third, 18 days after mating.

Then the eggs go through an incubation period of about 32-42 days before hatching.

How to Watch the Osprey Cam

The Barnegat Light Osprey Cam shows 24/7 live coverage of Daisy and Duke's nest.

At the same time, the Facebook page -- a private group will have to join to follow --  is offering daily updates, journaling, and answering questions about what you are seeing on the live stream. It's fascinating!

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