Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small will sign the city's first recreational cannabis business license Wednesday in a ceremony that will allow the legal sale of recreational marijuana in the city.

MPXNJ will become Atlantic City’s first business to sell recreational pot for adult use starting Thursday, 4/20.

Get it, 4 20? Funny, dude!

Well, it was going to happen at some point, so why not?

MPXNJ, presently a medical marijuana dispensary, is located at 153 S. New York Avenue, Unit B., in the Orange Loop section of Atlantic City.

This area is now within the city's so-called "green zone", which runs from Boston Avenue to Maryland Avenue, including both sides of Atlantic and Pacific avenues.

MPXNJ is open Thursdays from 10 am - 8 pm. You can expect them to be very busy on Thursday, 4/20.

The CRDA has already given MPXNJ approval to build a newer, bigger location at 121, 122 and 123 St. James Place, on what had been a vacant lot behind the current business.

If you don't get the significance of the 4/20 date, 4/20 was once a counterculture holiday to protest, at least in part, the social and legal stigmas against marijuana.

Now the counterculture slang has become the local government's little joke. Isn't life weird?

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