The free incentives for getting the vaccine may be making a comeback thanks to the numbers going the wrong way for those who have COVID-19 in the Garden State.

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The latest FREE incentive comes courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure according to a report from the Asbury Park Press. Six Flags will make it convenient for you and give free tickets to their Wild Safari Drive-Through Adventure if you get the shot at one of their clinics.

Six Flags Great Adventure is teaming up with the Ocean County Department of Health and will be putting on the free vaccine clinic on Thursday, August 5th, Wednesday, August 11, and Tuesday, August 17 from 10 Am to 7 PM.

You can get your vaccine at Six Flags Great Adventure in the Membership Building in the park's outer mall. You'll be able to choose from the Pfizer, Moderna or dingle shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Reservations are not required but there may be a parking fee.

Six Flags Wild Safari Drive Thru adventure features 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, and giraffes. Enjoy an interactive animal adventure with family and friends and score free tickets for getting the vaccine!


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