Old Movies by the Sea in Wildwood has a long history.  It originally opened in 1915 as a theater, before going through a series of different businesses ranging from a hardware store then a music store in the '20s.  In the '60s it became a baby store until closing in the '80s.  But much like a good suspense movie, this story was far from over.

In the early 2000s, it reopened as a movie theater, but its size made it difficult to compete with the mega theaters, and it closed again in 2012.

Enter Glenn Kingsbury and his partner Karen Drew.  They purchased the property and had a vision.  They wanted to create a unique movie experience, and they have certainly done that.  This is not your typical movie theater.  At 1200 square feet, it's a fraction of the size of a typical mega theater, but that's the point.

The idea was to embrace the charm of its early days while providing patrons with an experience unlike anything else in Wildwood.  Sure, you can get your typical movie popcorn and refreshments, but Kingsbury says you'll also be able to enjoy tapas that are prepared by a gourmet chef at Cattle 'N Clover.

Kingsbury and his partner spent about a quarter of a million dollars to buy and renovate the theater.  One of the first things you'll notice upon entering is the familiar big red chair.  Kingsbury purchased it from the owners of the now-closed Shamrock as a nod to the community's history.  The theater has 40 very comfortable seats, beautiful oak edge tables, and yes, modern projection equipment.

In addition to the indoor seating, there will be outdoor seating as well, which features a tent to protect from the weather.  Another feature of the new, Old Movies by the Sea is a stage area.  Kingsbury envisions bringing in comedians and even some bands.  There are even plans to attempt to get an outlet license for a local winery.

One might think a boutique theater experience like this might be pricey.  But plans are for ticket prices to stay under 20 bucks.

If you want to check it out, they're located on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood.

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