Fortunately, when it comes to arthritis of the knees or hips, we have a variety of treatment options before undergoing surgery.

According to the CDC, a whopping 22.7% of all adults (that's 54.4 million people in the U.S. alone) suffer from some form of arthritis. Almost half of this group claim to struggle with even the simplest everyday tasks. Kneeling, climbing stairs, even sitting can prove incredibly painful for those with arthritis, especially when it affects the knees or hips.

September is Pain Awareness Month, and no one should have to live with pain.  Dr. Fabio Orozco, of Orozco Orthopaedics, says conservative treatment options are effective in preventing or postponing surgery.

Medical Director at Orozco Orthopaedics,  Chris Adams, explains more about these treatments that he administers personally. According to Adams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, topical treatments, injections, and an improved diet could all postpone or even eliminate the need for surgery.

To learn more about conservative treatment options for arthritis, watch the full interview.

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