If you are making an Easter Basket for your kids or grandkids, before you go out to buy some jelly beans, and sugar peeps think to yourself: Do I really want the kids to eat all that sugar?

Plus, but gooey, sticky candy gets stuck in teeth and braces and hard candy and lollipops stay in the mouth, basically bathing teeth in sugar. Now we are not suggesting you put carrots and celery in there (they might throw them right back at you), but there are healthier alternatives. We came up with the 5 best ideas to make a healthier Easter Basket.

  • 1

    Chocolate Covered Fruit

    When kids wake up to see if the Easter Bunny came by the expect to find a basket filled with candy or sweets. In order to satisfy your child's sweet tooth without providing them with too many unhealthy snacks consider putting in chocolate covered fruit. Chocolate strawberries are a favorite on most holidays you might even find yourself stealing one.

  • 2

    Bunny Shaped Snacks

    As opposed to sugar covered peeps there are festive Easter Bunny shaped alternatives. Golden Grahams and Gold Fish, for example, both make holiday brands that can provide a quick snack that will also have your family feeling festive. Annie's Bunny Grahams are another healthier choice.

  • 3

    Apples with Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter provides a side that can go great with any type of fruit like apples, or even some type of crackers. Peanut Butter provides protein while also being a tasty healthy treat.

  • 4

    Dark Chocolate

    Some studies have shown that dark chocolate can actually help reduce blood pressure. So if you really can't control sweet tooth, and you need your chocolate fix. Make sure that this year it's dark chocolate.

  • 5

    Non-Edible Options

    Instead of  candy and treats that are high in sugar, think about some possible non-edible options that would make cheap, but fun Easter gifts for Sunday morning. Gifts like crayons, markers, a jump rope or sidewalk chalk are great for kids to be creative. Plastic eggs filled with money,lip balm, movie DVD,  or a gift card are some great ways to create a healthier Easter basket!

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