For an area as diverse and populated as Egg Harbor Township, the local eateries don't seem to get the same recognition as the nearby Shore towns for the quality of that casual fast food favorite, the cheesesteak.

We did some tasty research and found that EHT has several local eateries that make a great cheesesteak.

What Goes Into a Great Cheesesteak?

Let's face it. We have enough people in South Jersey who know how a good Philly cheesesteak should taste that we won't accept anything but the real thing.

The beef must be sliced thinly. You must use good quality, no gristle beef sliced thin.

The cheese. We are happy with provolone, mozzarella, or, even like Cheese Whiz, just don't skimp on the cheese.

The right bread is crucial and a fresh hard Italian long roll,  that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside makes the sandwich.

Add some sweet onions with a little salt, pepper, and garlic, and cook at the right temperature.

8 Great Cheesesteaks Made in Egg Harbor Township

We took the advice of people who love cheesesteaks and live or work in EHT. They have tried the available options and helped us compile a list of places that make a really good cheesesteak.

It helps to know where to go to get a great cheesesteak in Egg Harbor Township. The reviews our "experts" gave us show that not every place offering a cheesesteak on their menu makes the best cheesesteak.

The choices for our EHT great cheesesteaks list are a mix of local sandwich chain stores and mom-and-pop sandwich and pizza shops.

The one thing each of these eateries have in common is that they make a great cheesesteak.

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