A Galloway couple called the consumer affairs team at 6ABC to complain about being double charged on their grocery bill one day last month at ShopRite of Galloway.

It appears that customers at multiple ShopRite locations could have been impacted.

ShopRite told Action News Troubleshooters that a computer glitch caused some customers to be charged more than they should have been on May 21st.

Our credit and debit payment processor experienced a service issue on May 21 that impacted ShopRite stores and other retailers....In some cases, customers who had trouble processing their card later discovered credit card charges that were not reflected at the time.

In the 6ABC consumer affairs story, Carol and Bruce Waldman, a retired couple, told the TV station that they had difficulty with the credit card reader that day in the store and the cashier put the card in for them a second time and it worked.

When Mr. Waldman looked at his bank statement later, he realized he had been charged twice.

The couple said that they contacted ShopRite who told them it was the bank's problem. The bank told the couple it was ShopRite's responsibility.

6ABC said that ShopRite would not say how many other people may have had a similar situation. Bruce Waldman says that a ShopRite manager told him "there were literally thousands of people that had the same problem on that same day."

According to 6ABC, ShopRite contacted the Waldmans, refunded their money, and apologized for any inconvenience.

ShopRite said it is working with anyone who has an issue related to the service interruption and encourages customers to call 1-800-ShopRite for help.

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