Where Will Grocery Outlet be and When Will It Open?

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is coming to Park Place Plaza, formally the Kingdale Plaza, at West Park Avenue and North Delsea Drive in Vineland.

The city has approved a demolition and construction plan and Grocery Outlet will occupy more than two-thirds of a 25,000-square-foot building, according to dailyjournal.com. There isn't a timetable yet for the opening of the Vineland Grocery Outlet.

What is Grocery Outlet Bargain Outlet?

Grocery Outlet, which now has more than 430 locations nationally according to its website, bills itself as an "extreme value" store. The chain started in San Francisco in 1946, selling military surplus at deep discount prices.

Today, Grocery Outlet estimates they have more than 1.5 million shoppers each week. That makes it the nation’s largest discount grocery retailer.

How do they Sell Products so Cheaply?

Grocery Outlet has a reputation for prices that are 40% to 70% lower than other markets.

How do they do it?

Grocery Outlet's buyers look for bargains on brand-name groceries through packaging changes, surplus inventory, or product overruns. Mashed.com says Grocery Outlet is always looking to buy excess stocks of items. These items may be nearing their sell-by date, be discontinued, or have packaging defects that don't affect the quality of the contents.

What Does Grocery Outlet Sell?

Everything from fresh meat and produce to natural and organic items. The chain claims to stock over 2500 brands in categories including grocery, deli, frozen foods, fresh meats, produce, health and beauty, beer & wine, and more.

Does Grocery Outlet sell healthy food?

Yes, they do. Grocery Outlet calls this category "NOSH" for short, and it includes plant-based dairy, vegan frozen pizza, gluten-free baked goods, organic coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, pesticide-free fruit, naturally derived toothpaste, and cleaning products.

Will More Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets Be Opening In South Jersey?

Almost certainly. They face stiff competition from Aldi, but the chain believes customers will be lured in by major brand names at major discounts. Grocery Outlet has a goal to open around 35 new locations every year, and they have opened stores recently in Burlington and Monmouth counties and in Philadelphia.

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