I'm sure I'm not alone when I admit that winter is my least favorite season. Being a New Jerseyan and growing up on the coast, I would take the sun and sand over cold and ice any day!

Heck, winter has only just begun and I'm already counting down the days to the first day of spring.

If this sounds like you, I'm sure you'll agree with my list of 5 annoying parts of winter in South Jersey.

  • Nneirda

    Winter Driving

    This one comes right at the top of my list. My stomach starts to churn as soon as I hear the words "Winter Storm Warning".

    My daily commute puts me on the Garden State Parkway every day and it's NO fun to drive when I'm gripping the wheel my entire commute.

  • Tharakorn

    Dry Skin

    My wife is always telling my showers are too long and the water is way too hot, which makes matters even worse for my poor skin during the long cold winter.

  • Jupiterimages

    Cleaning Your Car Off

    This is such a drag especially in the early morning and ESPECIALLY while it's still snowing!

    Remember, it's illegal to drive with snow and ice on your car, especially on the roof. It's the law and it could cost your $25 to $75 for each offense.

  • Alex Bramwell
    Alex Bramwell

    Dark Winter Mornings

    It takes everything in me to drag myself out of bed when it's cold and still dark outside at 6am.

  • Fuse

    Shoveling Snow

    A few inches here and there, no big deal. But major winter storms - forget it! I usually have to take a day or two just to recover from digging out. Everything hurts.

    Word to the wise: Take lots of breaks and if you feel pain, stop! If you notice that the pain is ongoing and relative to your joints or arthritis, the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute in Voorhees is a national pioneer in minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. Check them out!

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