Mom always told us to sit or stand up straight. My kids are often hunched over a phone or tablet and now I am the mom reminding them to sit up straight.  May is National Correct Posture Month and the goal is to bring awareness to the positive effects correct posture can have on our health.

Poor posture can put a strain on our muscles and joints and this can lead to pain and discomfort that can start in our neck or back and end up in our knees and hips. Believe it or not, Respiratory problems can also occur when we let bad posture habits continue. Leaning or hunching forward too much can limit the amount of oxygen that flows into our lungs.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in what we are doing and just forget about our posture.  I am sitting up straighter right now as I am talking about it. Correcting poor posture behaviors may not be easy, but it is worth making the effort for our health in the long run. Check out our simple tips on how to correct your posture.

  • Andrejs Pidjass
    Andrejs Pidjass


    Simple stretching exercises can help loosen up those tightened muscles. Working your shoulders and back is a great way to warm up for exercises that can help in improving posture.

  • Man comfortably sleeping in his bed Thinkstock
    Man comfortably sleeping in his bed Thinkstock

    Don't Sleep on Stomach

    This is the worst position to rest in for your back. Sleeping on your stomach can put a strain on your neck and cause lower back pain.

  • teen boy seated on inflatable chair with laptop Thinkstock
    teen boy seated on inflatable chair with laptop Thinkstock

    Sit up Straight

    Keep your shoulders relaxed and adjust your chair to support your mid-lower back. Try to avoid sitting down for long periods of time.

  • monkeybusinessimages Thinkstock
    monkeybusinessimages Thinkstock

    Stand up Properly

    Try to keep your knees bent and your feet about shoulder length apart. People who stand hunched over for long periods of time are more prone to back pain or injuries.

  • tetmc Thinkstock
    tetmc Thinkstock


    Core strengthening exercises are a great way to help improve posture. Working out the various muscles that make up your core can help improve spinal stability.

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