Uh Oh, here we go...the day many parents face with mixed emotions. My 17-year-old son just got his driver's permit. While I am happy he is experiencing this rite of passage, I cannot deny that I am the typical worried parent, but safercar.gov has five tips to ease this transition.

If you are the parent or grandparent of a teen driver, here are tips and rules to discuss with your teen to keep him or her safe on the road.

  • Getty Images/Image Source
    Getty Images/Image Source

    No Cell Phones

    No one should be using their cell phone while driving. Keep it on silent to avoid distraction.

  • Getty Images/Westend61
    Getty Images/Westend61

    No Extra Passengers

    Don't pack the car with all of your friends. It's distracting, and usually against the law for new drivers.

  • Getty Images/EyeEm
    Getty Images/EyeEm

    No Speeding

    Stick to the limit. Many teen accidents are due to excessive speed, especially difficult for inexperienced drivers.

  • Getty Images/Flickr RF
    Getty Images/Flickr RF

    No Alcohol

    Let your teens know if they need a ride home, they can call you without fear. While underage drinking is not legal, if they do drink alcohol, they should always have a designated driver.

  • Getty Images/Maskot
    Getty Images/Maskot

    Always Buckle-up.

    A given, but still extremely important, even for trips around the corner. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time.

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