Atlantic City is adding more surveillance cameras to its public safety system, At a press conference on Wednesday, officials said these new cameras will use artificial intelligence to help keep the peace.

1- How Many New Cameras Are Being Installed?

Atlantic City is in the process of adding 1000 new cameras to its surveillance camera network. The city already has 2,000 cameras it uses to monitor 24 hours a day at the Public Safety Building.

2- What Special Features Do These New Cameras Have?

The new smart cameras being installed will use AI to perform advanced searches on recorded footage stored for up to 60 days. The searches allow police to focus on a suspect's hair and clothing but will not use facial or racial recognition.

3- Where Will These Cameras Be?

The new cameras are being installed in all areas of Atlantic City, not just the tourist areas. Most of the existing cameras already focus on tourist sections. Crime data is being used for camera placement. The cameras will be visible and placed in obvious locations.

4- How Much Do These Cameras Cost?

The advanced camera system isn't cheap. The 1000 new AI camera system is estimated at $5 million. It is being paid for by special funding from the state.

5- How Else Will These Cameras Be Used?

According to the Press of Atlantic City, city officials say the cameras will play an important role in monitoring special events in the city, along with flooding and weather emergencies.

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