The 80's was a decade that saw some of the biggest hair, boomboxes, break dancing and iconic style.

If you lived through the decade before the internet, you'll probably recognize or even still own some of these awesome fashions from the 80's.

Let's take a trip back to the decade ruled by the Back To The Future, The Smurfs, Madonna, Prince, and of course The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

  • fistfulofvintageandmore via Ebay
    fistfulofvintageandmore via Ebay

    Members Only Jacket

    I loved my Members Only jacket. My girlfriend (who's now my wife) gave it to me as a Christmas gift one year. I wore it almost every singe day until it almost fell off me!

  • somethingunderneath via ebay
    somethingunderneath via ebay

    Leg Warmers

    Another BIG fashion trend of the decade made popular by Flashdance and Fame two of the biggest movies of the 80's!  Do you still own a pair?

  • atlantaarchive via ebay
    atlantaarchive via ebay


  • hottestdealever via ebay
    hottestdealever via ebay

    Fanny Packs

    This is one HUGE fashion trend from the decade for both men and women that I could never bring myself to wear. Just the image of a fanny pack brings me right back to the 80's!

  • talkingrockbooks9 vis ebay
    talkingrockbooks9 vis ebay

    Acid Wash Jeans

    Now were talking! I had numerous pairs of acid wash jeans back in the 80's. I even found a old pair recently and offered them to my son. The look of horror on his face was really something.

    I would wear them today if they fit me. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I also owned a pair of acid wash cut off shorts. YIKES!

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