Mark your calendars for Monday, August 14th, the soft open date of American Honey Ladies Resale Boutique! Located in Galloway Township, American Honey is a fashionable consignment store - selling brand name clothes for 50-75% off the original sale price. 

“I love a good thrift store,” says Stephanie Wiker, owner of American Honey, “but I wanted something that’s more of a boutique feel than the big ol’ thrift store.” Wiker plans to sort the inventory by size and color, creating a more pleasant and convenient shopping experience. 

Besides clothing, American Honey will also sell merchandise of their own, including shirts, tote bags, lip balms, scented candles, and, of course, jars of honey! For several of these products, American Honey will partner with small, woman-owned local businesses, such as Finley Candles of Toms River and Stewart's Apiaries of Dorothy. 

For regulars, American Honey will provide punch cards, where every $200 spent gains a free $10 in-store. The resale boutique will also feature a 5% veteran/military discount. 

“I love meeting new people [and] making friendships,” Wiker says, “I needed to be in a space where I would be able to talk to women and make them feel good about themselves. Them finding something special is going to be special to me.” 

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