Coming up this Friday is the official kick off for the largest kite festival in North America.

From Friday, May 24th to Monday, May 27th is the 34th Annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival which is free, open to the public, and is taking place on the Wildwood boardwalk at Rio Grande Avenue.

Kite makers from all around the world will be attending to let their gorgeous kite creations fly in the sky for all to see.

There will also be illuminated nighttime kite flying, inflatable kites, sport kite demos, team kite flying, and even an indoor kite competition which will be health inside the Wildwoods Convention Center.

Who knew there was so many different ways to fly a kite?

There are various activities happening all weekend long so if you have any questions on what is planned or when specific events are scheduled, click HERE or HERE, or call (732) 822 - 4884.

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