With Memorial Day Weekend fast approaching, people in New Jersey are gearing up to kick-off summer 2022 like they did during pre-covid times.

You know what else people are doing now more than they have since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? Driving.

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This holiday weekend will be the first one in a few years that resembles anything close to whatever "normal" was before the world shut down. So, naturally, people are excited to get out there and enjoy themselves again. That's especially true for those that plan on spending their three-day weekend at one of the many beach towns along the Jersey coastline.

Summer at the shore, is there anything better?

For many Jersey residents, getting to the beach means driving driving more than 50 miles to get there. With gas prices in some parts of the state around $4.80 per gallon, that'll be a hefty price to pay for a weekend at the Jersey Shore.

Many people are fearing that the Garden State could see what some have predicted for months now; that a gallon of gas would cost NJ residents a minimum of $5 by the start of Memorial Day Weekend. How likely is that to happen? Well, that depends on supply and demand.

Gas shot up about sixteen cents in a matter of days according to Patch.com. So, it's not a wild thought to imagine pulling up to the pump and getting less than four gallons of gas for $20. What a wild comparison when you consider the fact that gas was a dollar and change per gallon of regular in early 2020.

So, will New Jersey see a $5 per gallon price tag at the pump this Memorial Day? Unfortunately, we may get awfully close.

Source: Patch.com

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