I asked listeners to tell me about their favorite romantic restaurant in South Jersey and put together a gallery of the top 20 responses.

What Makes a Restaurant Romantic?

Of course, the ambiance of a restaurant is a big factor in creating a romantic atmosphere. Dim lighting, flickering candles, and soft music create a relaxed and intimate setting that's ideal for a first date, a memorable night out, or a perfect Valentine's Day dinner.

You can't overlook the service and the idea that you are out in public but you still want some privacy at your table. A good view or a location on the water always seems to enhance the romance.

A Good Meal is Essential to a Good Night Out

Let's not forget the most important part of going to the restaurant in the first place. They better serve you a good meal or no amount of flickering candles or trickling waterfalls will make up for it. Food can be very romantic if it's prepared well.

South Jersey's Romantic Restaurants

When I was putting together this list, I paid attention to the restaurants that were named several times or received lots of likes in the comments on Facebook.

Although one person's idea of a romantic restaurant could be different than another, the restaurants that were pointed out most often are the ones that seem to get most of the elements of a good romantic restaurant right.

20 of South Jersey's Most Delightfully Romantic Restaurants

Are the restaurants on this list the only romantic or the most romantic in South Jersey? No, they are not, but they are good ones. I tried to choose a variety of restaurants from different towns and in different styles, so there are certainly some romantic places that did not make this list.

Hopefully, what this list of romantic restaurants will do is give you a starting point in finding a nice place for a special night out in South Jersey.

If you would like to add the name of a restaurant in the comments that you think is especially romantic, we would love to see it and consider it for the future. Bon appétit!

20 of South Jersey's Most Romantic Restaurants

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