Was Yolanda "Lonnie" Mattia the oldest Phillies fan? Quite possibly. Do you know anyone else who lived through 106 Phillies seasons?

Every once in a while, I am so stuck by a person's obituary that I have to share it. Lonnie's death notice is a perfect example.

Lonnie Mattia from Cape May Court House died on Saturday at 106 years old. Lonnie was born in 1917.

Her obituary says she lived a life rich in faith, family, and professional accomplishments, working as a loan officer in Philadelphia until she retired in 1977. Yes, Lonnie retired from her full-time job 46 years ago.

But she was just getting started making a difference in the community. Lonnie was a Committeeperson for the Lower Township Democratic Committee and a champion for causes that were important to her.

Lonnie's faith was important to her. She was a devoted member of the St. Brendon the Navigator Parish in Avalon and took time each day to pray the rosary and to Padre Pio.

Community was another thing of importance to Lonnie, according to her obituary. She organized poker and bingo games at the Brookdale senior living facility in Cape May Court House and spread an infectious enthusiasm that made her a favorite among the other residents.

Lonnie loved the Philadelphia Phillies and was raised as a baseball fan, often going to see Phillies and Athletics games.

According to her obit, one other thing always came first. "Foremost though, Lonnie's life revolved around her family."

Lonnie Mattia, born in the Woodrow Wilson administration and the same year as Ella Fitzgerald and John F. Kennedy, made a difference for 106 years. She will be sorely missed by her family and her community.

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