Do I live in the only household in New Jersey that argues about what can and can not be put in the garbage disposal?

I do admit that several several years ago, I clogged the disposal by putting a half a loaf of stale bread in it and we had to call a plumber to get things working again.

Will I be the poster boy for bad disposal practices for the rest of my life after that one mistake?

Who knew that bread could clog the garbage disposal? It's a soft food that babies and birds can eat without any complications. How was I supposed to know that you couldn't put it down the disposal?

After another argument with the disposal police (my wife) the other night, this time about two stalks of celery, ( it turns out that celery is "too stringy" for the disposal) I decided it was time to research this topic.

While I am out it, let me suggest that maybe it's time we constructed a garbage disposal that didn't have the chewing limitations of my grandfather during his denture days.

Until we come up with that super-disposal, here are 10 things the experts say you should never put in your garbage disposal.

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