Tom gets the same look on his face I do when someone scratches my back and hits just the right spot. I can almost hear Tom saying, " Ahhh, that's it, don't stop!"

Tom was such a fan of a new back scratcher he used for the first time, he spent 20 minutes scratching his back.

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This might not be worth pointing out to you, except, Tom is a turtle.

The Philadelphia Zoo posted a video on Instagram of Tom the turtle getting his shell scratched and so far more than 23,000 people have watched it.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, many tortoises like to have their shells scratched. A turtle's shell is full of nerve endings and they can feel through them. Sometimes, zookeepers will even scratch their shells with a toothbrush.

Zookeeper Torunn Gundersen built the tortoise backscratcher so they could do it for themselves whenever they want.

The Inquirer says Tom, a 25-year old red-footed tortoise, wiggles his tail end when getting his shell scratched. That shows he is a happy guy.

Tom is my kind of turtle.

Watch the Philadelphia Zoo's video of Tom scratching his shell....

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