YouTube just recently announced that they plan to remove the community contributions tool for their closed captions on September 28th...and people are PISSED.

When a YouTube representative spilled this news this past Monday, the hashtag #DontRemoveYoutubeCCs was trending on Twitter. (The CC stands for community contributions, not closed captions) 

In case you are not familiar, the community contributions tool, "currently allows people to correct auto-generated captions and submit captions for videos using its community contributions [tool]," according to

So basically, if someone spots an error or a mistake, they can submit to have the closed captions fixed. Or at least, that is how I understand it.

The idea behind this tool is a good one.

Who better to rely on for the correct closed captions than the people who will be reading them as they watch?

But that is not how it has turned out.

“While we hoped Community Contributions would be a wide-scale, community-driven source of quality translations for Creators, it’s rarely used and people continue to report spam and abuse,” said the YouTube rep breaking the news.

In addition, YouTube said that less than 0.001% of channels have actually used the suggested closed captions submitted. A lot of others are very low quality and the percentage of useful suggestions submitted are slim to none.

Following this change, users will still be able to manually upload captions or opt to use YouTube's automatic captions. Other users just won't be allowed to weigh in anymore.

So closed captions aren't going away....but what do you think of YouTube's upcoming change?

Cast your vote and if you still need more information on this YouTube issue, head to   

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