When you are a business that creates tasty chocolatey concoctions and you find a pair of Taylor Swift tickets that you want to giveaway, what do you do?  Bar 32 Chocolate and Cocktails, located on South Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City is taking a page from the Willie Wonka handbook.

Bar 32 Chocolate and Cocktails specializes in chocolate dessert treats that are created in-house.  Known for high-quality chocolate that they pair with choice wines; they have a pair of tickets to see Taylor Swift this spring at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

If you're one of the thousands of people who were shut out of Taylor Swift tickets when they went on sale, this is your opportunity.  Your golden opportunity, if you will.
The Bar 32 Oompah Loompahs have produced 3,000 special Taylor Swift holiday chocolate bars.  Each are wrapped in a golden wrapper with a serial number.

Unlike the movie, where 5 obnoxious kids and their parents toured the chocolate factory for a chance to win it, Bar 32 has modernized their approach.  On Christmas Day, Bar 32 will stream a special drawing live on Instagram.  They will be drawing one number at random, and that person will win a pair of tickets to the show.

The chocolate bars are on sale now, and they are selling fast.  For what it's worth, the chocolate bars themselves are made of dark chocolate and crushed peppermint.  To the credit of Bar 32 Chocolate and Cocktails, the bars are reasonably priced at 10 bucks a piece.  They're also limiting people to a maximum of 25 bars.

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