Here's what can happen when you travel by plane when you are 36 weeks pregnant.  A woman on a Spirit Airlines flight Saturday from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas gave birth to a baby boy.

Cristina Penton, was traveling with her two older children when she began to feel contractions about ten minutes into the flight.

“Within 10, 15 minutes of take-off, I felt like something was not fine,” Penton said at a news conference Tuesday morning recorded by the New Orleans Advocate.

Penton notified a flight attendant, who asked passengers whether there were any medical personnel on board. As it happened, a pediatrician and a nurse came forward; the last time the pediatrician had delivered a baby, Penton said he told her, was about 10 years ago in medical school.

With the help of the cabin crew and passenger volunteers, Penton gave birth to a 7-pound boy, named Christoph .The nurse clamped down on the umbilical cord with some rubbery straps they found on the plane, she added.

When the plane made an emergency landing in New Orleans,  Penton and her baby were taken to a nearby hospital.

On Tuesday, Spirit Airlines representatives visited the now-larger family at the Louisiana hospital to present them with some baby gifts — including free lifetime Spirit flights for Christoph and a guest on his birthday. Ther Spirit reps joked that they did not charge the family for things like water, even though the low-cost carrier typically charges for extras on board.

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