Winter is coming. The official countdown just in case you're wondering is 65 days. The winter solstice arrives at 5:02 AM on December 21st.

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NOAA which is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released the forecast for the upcoming 2020/21 winter season according to the USA Today.

The latest winter forecast won't make snow lovers happy at all. NOAA is calling for a warming trend and a  relatively dry and mild winter season for most of the east coast and South Jersey.

Get ready for a  La Nina winter which means a warmer and wetter winter season could take place for the duration of winter. I would be perfectly fine without having to use my shovel or have to drive through a snowstorm this winter. I'm all for an inch or two of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only!

A La Nina winter also means the probability and chances of a major snow storm and a dreaded blizzard is greatly decreased.

According to, South Jersey can look forward to  another mild winter  which was the case for the 2019/20 winter season. We could get  pockets of cold and wintry weather with the possibility of some snow to start the winter season and towards the beginning of spring 2021. According to their forecast, the Philadelphia area could see between 10" and 15" of snow. Last winter, only 0.3" of snow fell on the city of Brotherly Love.

Of course, the winter forecast is subject to change. Snow lovers could still have a chance of a winter filled with snow and ice.

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