Like giant, electronic greenhead flies, drones have become an annoyance around the beaches of New Jersey.

Wildwood is looking to get those drones under control over city-owned property.  A proposal that's currently under consideration, would force anyone who wants to fly a drone over city-owned property in Wildwood to get permission from the police department.

This law would be in effect from May through October and would apply to anyone who wants to fly a commercial or recreational drone.   Public comment and a final vote on the ordinance will take place on February 22nd.

Wildwood isn't the first to try to put drone regulations in place.  Other communities in the state already have rules in place governing the use of drones.

While it may seem reasonable to have these rules, some would question the local municipality's jurisdiction over the sky above a municipality.  Also, there are those who would say that rules that restrict drones for say, news organizations, would be infringing on first amendment rights.

You might be surprised to learn that drones aren't new.  We've been seeing more of them the last few years, as recreational use has soared.

According to the online drone enthusiast site, Drone Enthusiast dot com, the very first drone, can be traced back all the way to 1916, 16 years after the Wright Brothers flight, in the form of an unmanned aircraft called the Ruston Proctor Aerial Target.

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