Sometimes when you live in a particular area, it's easy to lose sight of why we fell in love with that area to begin with.  The longer you live somewhere, the more likely the things you loved, have faded.

When I visit Wildwood, it brings back great memories.  As kids, it was a must to get down to the beach when Dancin' on Air took the show on the road for their summer specials.

Admittedly, I was a young man of 18 with raging hormones, dancing wasn't the draw for me, or many of the other young men that were there.

But I digress, Wildwood has always been and continues to be a great place for families.  There's so much to do, and we're lucky enough to have it all right here.

Starting with the beautiful beach.  5 miles of beach lines the Wildwoods and it's all free.  All summer, people come from all over to work on their tan, play some spirited beach volleyball, and just hand.  It's so Jersey, isn't it?

The Boardwalk is all grown up!  Back in the day, it seemed nice, if not small.  But so much has changed.  Today, it spans close to forty blocks.  Personally, I love checking out the souvenir shops.  The food?  There's something for everyone.  They even have rides.

Wildwood Video Archive via YouTube
Wildwood Video Archive via YouTube

If you're a history buff, the Wildwood Aviation Museum is must-see.  They have staff to give tours and share the awesome history stories.  Kids love it.

Getting back to the boardwalk for a moment, I'm a boardwalk food junkie.  I love boardwalk food, but even I crave more at times.  The restaurants that call Wildwood home, are pretty awesome.  From fresh seafood, to Italian and everything in between, there's something for everyone.

Wildwood knows how to party.  Wildwood is host to some 160 festivals and shows.  It seems like there's something going on nearly every day.

However, the best thing about summers in Wildwood?  It's at the end of the day, butt in the sand, watching the beautiful sunsets.

Wildwoods, New Jersey - The Best Place To Visit, Vacation and Dine (

The Traveler Island Boy Via YouTube

Wildwood Video Archive Via YouTube

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