Full disclosure: Tony's Baltimore Grill is one of my favorite South Jersey pizza places. Every time I'm in their Iowa Avenue, Atlantic City neighborhood, I buy two or three pizzas and rush home to my happy family to chow down.

Their pizza is delicious -- if you've never tried it, you really are missing out.

But, the pizza at Tony's Baltimore Grill is not the reason I feel they are deserving of our applause and congratulations today.

It's the new Tony's Baltimore Grill menu. Tony's has just introduced a braille version of their menu and they are even offering a free dinner for two to any one who can read braille and will give them feedback on the new menu.

Then, there is this inspiring message announcing the new braille menu at Tony's Baltimore Grill.

True vision does not require the eyes. At the Baltimore Grill, our vision is clear: EVERYONE has a seat at our table. Complimentary dinner for two for anyone who can read Braille & can give us sincere feedback on the new menus.


I absolutely love this! Not because I can read braille, because I can't, but I realize the importance of the language to the sight-impaired.

There are an estimated 22.5 million adults with vision loss in the U.S.

Nicole Noble, the director of sales at National Braille Press, an organization dedicated to spreading braille literacy, put it this way in an interview with mic.com...

"The menu is one of the biggest hurdles a blind patron faces. Few restaurants actually offer braille versions of their menus. The majority of restaurants have ramps for wheelchair customers to get around. Even though having braille menus for blind patrons is pretty much the same thing, most places just don't offer them."

Bigger chain restaurants such as Outback, Starbucks and Wendy's do offer braille menus, by request, but they are almost unheard of in smaller, independent restaurants.

That's why I feel that Tony's Baltimore Grill in Atlantic City deserves our applause.

You should plan on having a meal at Tony's sometime soon, then you can applaud for their food, too.

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