Where do the locals eat? Go anywhere near a tourist destination and people will ask you that question.

What does it matter where the locals eat and why do people keep asking that question?

When people ask where the locals eat, what they really mean is, where can I get a really good meal at a local place, that is consistently good? You live around here, what is an eatery that you count on again and again?

That's why people want to know where the locals eat.

Where the locals eat seems like a pretty good starting off point to take a focused look at consistently good South Jersey restaurants, diners, pizza places, bars, food trucks...you name it. Places where people seem to return time and again.

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The question also naturally leads to the kind of places that have a certain vibe. There is more to the dining experience than the meal alone.

If you've lived in an area long enough, you know the places near you that you can count on, not only for something good to eat, but someplace fun or interesting to spend some time.

It might not be the old Cheers slogan, 'where everybody knows your name', but that would be a fun pretty place to go have a meal, wouldn't it?

We asked South Jersey locals where they like to eat, and this is the first in a series of a look at some of those places, visited town by town, Or, in this case, by township.

Here are some eateries in Egg Harbor Township that locals recommended for a good dining experience.

Maybe you've been to some of them. Maybe you've been to all of them. Maybe you think we forgot to mention one of your favorites. If so, let us know after you finish looking at, "Where the Locals Eat in Egg Harbor Township".


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