Ever wonder why animals do what they do? For instance, why have a group of birds (it's not enough birds to call them a flock) taken to hanging out above the front door to our house?

We began to notice bird poop on the covered deck in the front of our house a couple of weeks ago, followed by sightings of the birds coming and going from a small ledge above the front door.

There is no sign of a nest; it just appears the birds are hanging around, passing time on the ledge above my front door. "Bird loitering" might be an appropriate term for their behavior.

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One night last weekend, it turned ugly. Or funny, depending on your sense of humor.

My daughters, Eileen and Bridget, were returning home and keeping an eye out for the birds as they climbed the stairs to enter the door. The door where the birds now loiter.

They happened to be rolling video of this scene, because they are from the Tik tok generation and that's what they do.

As the girls made their way to the top of the stairs, just feet away from the door, something spooked the bird who was perched on the ledge looking down at them.

And then it happened. The bird attacked. Or, maybe he just flew away, I don't know.

But he scared the bird poop out of my daughters and their frenzied screams of horror rang out across the neighborhood. As if our neighbors didn't already think we were a little weird.

Well, that's the backstory to the video accompanying this piece. See for yourself what happened....WHEN BIRDS ATTACK!

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