It's time to venture behind the name of one of the most popular family resorts in all of America - Ocean City!

According to Wikipedia, Ocean City was formed as a borough in 1834 from parts of Upper Township. Ocean City got it's name due to its position on the Atlantic Ocean. This town is also know for its ban on alcohol dating back to 1879, when it was founded by Methodist ministers who prohibited the sale of these beverages. For those who have visited Ocean City, you'll realize that this ban still continues to this day.

The famous boardwalk was built during 1880, while the connecting bridge to the city was completed three years later in 1883.

There are so many fun things to do on the island of Ocean City, from shopping along the boards, to having grabbing something to eat on Asbury Ave. Of course, there's plenty to eat on the boardwalk itself from pizza to fudge, or even my personal favorite - deep fried oreos!

The Ocean City Music Pier is another attraction the city has to offer. The first season of the pier dates back to Summer 1929.

My wife and I love to spend time in Ocean City, we both can get lost and spend hours on the boardwalk.

What's your favorite thing about Ocean City?


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