What food can't se get at movie theaters in New Jersey?

Some movie theater are serving alcohol these days - but, that's not it.

Some movie theaters have a menu like a Jersey Diner, and you can order sandwiches and other finger foods - but, that's not it.

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At my local movie theater, the food is what I call "classic movie food" - that is popcorn, pretzels, and candy.

But, in the state of Texas, you can get a food in movie theaters that you just can't get in the Great State of New Jersey.

That food, is not BBQ by way - which sounds swell.

No, the food that they can get in movie theaters in Texas is ---- pickles! Yes, pickles!

Apparently it's a long standing tradition in Texas. You go in, buy your movie ticket, and buy a big ol' pickle!

Southern Living
Southern Living

So, is the pickle at the movies the best thing ever? Or is is the worst?

SOURCE: Southern Living. 

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