A harsh reality of this pandemic is that the normal we once knew will not be returning for quite some time...and that includes normalcy in our schools.

For now, schools have been able to continue on with their curriculum thanks to online and virtual learning.

But how will schools operate when the stay at home order is lifted?

I am sure a lot of people reading this will say, "Well, kids will go back to school like they were before the pandemic," but that is A LOT of people in one building at one time.

So here is what is being suggested for our older students: Half-Time High Schools.

This new system would have the high school curriculum mimic the educational schedule that happens in college.

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Instead of being in school for seven hours a day, students would meet every other day or a set number of times per week for class in person. Then, a majority of the work would be done on the students' own time.

I know. This is a lot of freedom.

But studies show that a majority of high school students are simply going through the motions and pretending to listen while actually in high school everyday.

This new system would help to limit the number of people in the high schools at once and possibly come up with a new, more effective way of learning.

May I also add that the soul-sucking set up for high schools is long overdue for a change -- at least in my opinion.

So maybe we can turn the aftermath of this pandemic into a positive change.

I am on board. Are you?

Take a look at the original article at Bloomberg.com that explains this new system in much more detail.

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