If you heard or checked the weather forecast but looked outside and saw something different, it’s not your imagination.  Smoke from the west coast fires in the United States has moved into our area, according to Lite Rock Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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The South Jersey sky may look milky white and hazy again today, due to the smoke being brought this way due to the jetstream. The smoke is also causing the moon to look a bit more orange or brownish than normal, due to the smoke in the atmosphere, and the sunsets could appear more colorful due to the smoke as well.

Dan Zarrow tells me that the smoke is so high in the atmosphere there is little concern for local air quality, but I swear the smoke has been irritating my eyes. The power of suggestion?  Perhaps.

The smoke is definitely causing issues in California, now experiencing the fourth straight year of devastating wildfires.. At the heart of the fire, the air quality right now in California is considered to be worse than the air in Beijing, China, known for its smog.

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