Ocean City celebrated Martin Z. Mollusk Day Saturday in an even more unusual way than they usually do.  Not familiar with Martin Mollusk Day? Think Groundhog Day with a hermit crab. Good news, the old guy saw his shadow!  Summer will arrive a week early, if you believe in the powers of Martin.

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Unable to use the normal spot on the beach for the ceremony where the crustacean predicts an early arrival of summer because of covid-19 restrictions,  Michael Hartman, special events coordinator for the city, broadcast from the Roy Gillian Welcome Center, where Martin saw his shadow when Hartman's flashlight spotted him in his tank.

Hartman said the spoof news event was intended to bring some fun to a stressful time.

“It is May 9 and it is freezing and there is this crazy pandemic. This was an opportunity to add levity in the day, just enjoy to laugh and see things through kids’ eyes. We were trying to send a message to have fun but also to stay home and practice social distancing as a reminder of the importance of the things we need to do to have a great summer"

Watch Martin Z. Mollusk's big moment for yourself....

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