In an attempt to give you a glimpse at the rebel spirit of my old friend and Lite Rock Morning Show co-worker Jill Myra, here's a video of her taking a death ride on a razor scooter over the weekend and darn nearly killing herself.

You may think of Jill, who does news and entertainment reporting on the Lite Rock Morning Show, as a grounded, conservative voice of reason, settled in her ways and not one to risk life and limb just to impress her young nephew, Gavin.

As you watch this video, you'll realize that nothing could be further from the truth.

It turns out that Jill is a crazy, reckless daredevil with a death wish.  Watch as she careens, out of control on the scooter, down a sloping, gravel drive, while wearing a dress! That's right, she in a skirt! And then...WATCH OUT BELOW...there's the wipe out.

Luckily, Jill was able to hobble away from the scooter disaster with only scraped knees and a good story. She will live to do another Lite Rock New Update.

But the next time you hear Jill do that commercial where she says "anything can happen in Jersey", you'll know that it written about Jill's own rebel spirit.

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